Current Situation of Dianthus somanus That Endemic to Manisa in Nature and Some Canservation Precautions on Sustainability of It

  • Onur Koyuncu
  • Okan Sezer
Keywords: Endemic, conservation, Dianthus somanus, Manisa, Turkey


Dianthus somanus is an endemic plant taxa which was identified from a single location on Kocasivri Tepe from Manisa/Soma in 2018. To determine the main reasons for such limited distribution of the taxa, land surveys were carried out to habitats of it between 2018-2019. As a result of the field studies, only one population belonging to the taxon was found. The average size of the population is 400 individuals. The total distribution area of the population is determined about 1200 m2. The average number of individuals per m2 in the area is 1 individual. The annual average increase in the population was determined as 6%. In the light of the obtained data from study, it was determined that there is no need for any change in the category of endemism previously given by the species author. D. somanus individuals spread from 800 m to Kocasivri peak. However, unfortunately, even during the short-term monitoring studies, it was determined that there was a degeneration in the distribution area of the taxon as a result of the activities of the ELİ. In this context, some in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures are proposed in this study.